Why Are We Doing This


Most children do not have access to clean and safe milk, especially in the village of Youngsonabad, Pakistan. With your help, we can change that. 

We are the Khokhar family who are currently working on developing and expanding this dairy farm in our small Christian town of Youngsonabad, Pakistan. Our family has lived in Youngsonabad for over a 100 years. To many a surprise, this is a small village where majority of the population, over 90% Christian, is a community of people who are dedicated towards improving their village. However, since this small little village is labeled as a Christian town, in a majority Muslim country, there aren’t a lot of prospects for the local people. We are trying to change that.

We, at Youngson Dairy Farm, are trying to change that.


We are working towards building and setting up a large dairy farm with at least 25 cows that would provide fresh and clean milk for the children of the local villages and surrounding areas and potentially create jobs for the locals.

Just to give you an idea, the price of 1 liter of milk in Pakistan ranges from 70 to 110 rupees, depending on where you buy from. That’s roughly about 70 cents to 1.10 USD per liter. There are a very few families in this Youngsonabad who can afford to buy milk at these prices; however, majority of the people from rural areas, who can barely make 30 to 50 USD a month, cannot afford the milk that is vital for them and their children. Nearly 30% of the Pakistani household expenditure on food items is on milk and dairy products and buffaloes and cows are the major milk producing animals, with 62 percent of milk produced by buffaloes and 34 percent by cows. Approximately, 80 percent of the milk is produced in rural areas. Milk consumers in Pakistan are often faced with low-quality, adulterated milk. Lack of hygiene, adulteration with various contaminants and other agents, and absence of cold chains are primary contributors to this low quality. You can find a lot more details related to the Dairy Production in Pakistan from FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS by clicking here . However, if I can simplify the reason why we want to grow and expand our dairy farm, it is to provide clean and safe milk for the children of our village and surrounding area because no one else is doing it.

At Youngson Dairy Farm, our goal is to take the first few steps that might someday inspire the whole dairy industry to take a look at their practices and make necessary changes. We have started small and, by expanding our micro dairy farm into a larger dairy farm, we will create awareness and lead by example and then, most importantly, we will bring to the children, the quality of milk that they deserve.

At this point, ours is a small size operation and we’re working on expanding it to a much bigger scale. Even at this point, we have 2 milk producing buffaloes, Basanti and Lajjo [Yes, we named our buffaloes because we love them 🙂 ] They have been vital in helping us provide safe and clean milk to the locals at a much affordable price. We are currently in the process of raising money so we can buy a larger piece of land and some equipment that will cost us 10,000 USD and is minimum required to properly house any additional milk producing animals. At this point, we just don’t have the space to house additional cows. And even thou we are about to buy 2 more cows, altogether 4 milk producing animals are not nearly enough. To produce the milk for the children of the whole village, we need at least 25 to 30 cows that will generate the necessary amount of nutritional milk for the children of Youngsonabad.

With the creation of Youngson Dairy Farm in 2011, we took the first steps toward our goal to provide clean and safe milk to the children of this village. We intend to donate half our milk produced at the dairy farm to the eligible children and sell the rest of our production to maintain cost of our operation and to support jobs at the dairy farm. And now with your help we can expand Youngson Dairy Farm, not only will we be able to continue to provide safe, clean and affordable milk for the children of this village and surrounding areas, we will also be able to create more jobs for the local villagers by offering them jobs at the dairy farm.

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