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At Youngson Dairy Farm, We’ve been trying our best to supply the safest and cleanest milk for the children of our village Youngsonabad, Pakistan. And, even though we have a long way to go, we are saving lives. Sadly, our supply far exceeds our demand and it’s still not enough to prevent the sale of chemically altered milk in our village and to it is still not enough to stop the effects of the poisonous milk on unsuspecting children and their parents.

Since January 2015, there has been 6 deaths in our village from consuming adulterated milk. All of them have been children under the age of 6. On top of that, in the last year, over a dozen women have had miscarriages after consuming what they thought would be a healthy way to care for their bodies and their unborn babies. If only they could afford big brand name milk packs for themselves and their children, or had access to clean and safe milk produced by a caring dairy farm like Youngson Dairy Farm.

Sadly, till this day, there has been no police inquiry or case filed against the milk suppliers because people are too poor to acquire legal representation; Especially since no one can actually prove where this poisonous milk is coming from.

The milk suppliers are collecting milk and then chemically altering it to increase the quantity of milk upto 5 times so they can sell it in higher quantity. One of the products used in this alteration is called Urea. Urea is a major component in fertilizer used for growing crops in modern day farms. It may be safe for growing crops but it is extremely toxic for human consumption. Sadly these profit hungry suppliers are not at all concerned about the toxic impact of their product on the unsuspecting consumers. Their only concern is making money at the expense of people who don’t know what they are putting in their bodies. This is resulting in deaths all over the country (Pakistan) and even thou, after years of neglect, the government has created a small task force to crack down on these suppliers, they cannot cover the entire country, thus leaving thousands of suppliers untouched by the hands of the law.


Youngson Dairy Farm is the only place in the entire region who are prodividing clean and safe milk to our customers and we are do it without any chemical alternation to increase the quantity of milk we produce.  Our goal is not only to expand our dairy farm to help out our village but also to bring the change this industryneeds so desperately.  By helping us expand our dairy farm, you’ll be helping us bring about the change we need in our village and in our country.  It is still not too late for you to do something about it.